The interior was inspired by the eccentric Catalan sculptor Javier Corbero, whose iconic Tower House in Barcelona served as the subject of research and further development of the concept.

The space resembles a city, filled with arched openings, niches, round windows that draw the eye deep into the sculptural labyrinth. The calmness of the architectural structure is disturbed by the technological skeleton of ventilation, which, like a circulatory system, permeates the arches, filling the air with the presence of time, as if it had all been here and the space is in a constant changing state. The monotonous play of color in the performance of different materials emphasizes the inseparable connection of the elements woven into the body of the interior.

Based on the analysis of the room, where the height of the first floor is emphasized by the perimeter of elongated viewing windows, the idea has been embodied in the concept of an inner city with its own distinct layout. The geometry is built on through visual points that allow you to see fragmentary architectural compositions, while maintaining the mystery and involvement of the observer. Noble terracotta color covers the ceiling and walls, giving a shade even to the air. In this environment, green plants resemble small living oases growing on the walls of classic Catalan houses.