HookahPlace™ is the largest network of hookah establishments in the world.

"HookahPlace Lounge Bar" is a hookah bar with a unique relaxation format, which includes professional and well-coordinated work of all departments.

HookahPlace Lounge Bar has a carefully selected hookah park that will take into account the tastes and preferences of our guests. The team of hookah masters recruited only real experts who will dedicate each guest to the hookah culture.


The establishment is decorated in the best traditions of HookahPlace™. An example was the main hookah Mecca of Moscow "HookahPlace Lubyanka".


The starting point for the birth of the interior concept was the visual perception of the entire space, balancing between an industrial space and the aesthetics of an original barn or workshop. To preserve the charisma of the space, the architects left most of the room untouched - ancient brick, picturesque plaster drips, monumental industrial columns. The emphasis was placed on natural materials: burnt wood, rusty metal, barn boards, metal beams. Work on such projects involves not so much repair as interior arrangement, by filling it with things with history. Ascetic metal shelving and chests of drawers designed by architects, vintage Danish furniture brought from Europe especially for this project, postmodernist paintings and antique decor items harmonize here.


We offer well-known dishes of European cuisine with an author's look at them. The emphasis of the kitchen menu is on grilling, maintaining the quality and juiciness of meat dishes. Separately, I would like to note the tea card of our institution. It presents a variety of tea varieties for the taste of any connoisseur, as well as alternative ways of brewing tea to achieve a perfectly balanced taste.

The bar menu offers a wide range of strong alcoholic drinks. The Hookah Place Lounge Bar cocktail menu has author's drinks, as well as any bartender can prepare a drink to the guest's taste or from world classics.


There is a piano in the hall of the establishment - it is not only a spectacular element of the interior, but also an active instrument, so the Hookah Place Lounge Bar will host live music evenings in the Lounge style. For lovers of nightlife, our residents will play original DJ sets. The program will be varied, with vocal and instrumental accompaniment by professionals in their field. Sports events will also be broadcast. Hookah Place Lounge Bar has 2 play areas and PS4 game consoles. Also in the institution there is a professional table for playing kicker. A wide range of board games from classics to novelties in the industry.