HookahPlace Futura is a 24—hour hookah bar with musical evenings, a wide selection of cocktails and an Asian-style main menu.

The unique HookahPlace Futura design project is inspired by the elegant architecture of Soviet modernism and the cinematic grandeur of early science fiction films.

There are more than two dozen mixes in the original cocktail menu: from classics to special positions, designed in Asian style. Floral and fruit compositions of signature cocktails are made up of ingredients with rich aromatics: herbal liqueurs, Japanese plum wine, cordial with palo santo, figs and thyme, blueberries and lavender.

The HookahPlace Futura menu is a classic of Japanese cuisine and the chef's experiments with familiar recipes. The list opens with rolls with scallop, langoustines, crab meat or seared tuna. The usual tartars and steaks are complemented with bright Asian sauces and are ready to surprise with bold combinations. Japanese matcha green tea has become a feature of the dessert section — truffles and unforgettable tiramisu are made with it here.


Also, guests will find:

  • a thoughtful wine list with samples for every day and elegant wines for a special occasion;
  • chinese tea collection;
  • parking right at the entrance, which is always available to visitors of the lounge bar;
  • vip rooms for companies;
  • individual service area with chef's table and mini-lecture hall;
  • musical evenings where you can listen to jazz, blues and funk in live performance;
  • as well as DJ sets;
  • the atmosphere of the lounge with a pleasant subdued light and hookahs for every taste.