HookahPlace ZEN - a new author's lounge bar from Ilya Kultin and Evgeny Oskin.

Our first project was and is the legendary Profsoyuz.

We are school teachers, teachers of history. When creating ZEN, we were inspired by tea culture, oriental minimalism, the archaeological heritage of China and the aesthetics of Asian architecture. We tried to fill it with unusual details and features.

“The establishment should be catchy, the location is not so important, if the place is good, it will automatically become a point of attraction” - this is the rule that we are guided by. Having been working in the "smoke industry" for more than five years, we realized one thing - the place should be attractive from the point of view of the guest, that is, you.

Well, it happened like this: you come to an institution, everything seems to be great, tasty, fashionable, youthful, and the next day you forgot where you were... But why? Because the eye and the soul did not remember anything...

Most owners of establishments similar to ours in terms of topics are chasing only financial gain.

And, in our understanding, stupidly. You know, there are glossy tiles on the walls, the same furniture in a row, music from the radio, a beer on the bar and hostesses with made breasts and lips, just like in Brazzers, stuffed from head to toe...

And we are talking about something completely different, we are talking about culture and aesthetics.

All the way we are looking for hostesses like Audrey Hepburn, music from GOST ZVUK, a chaotic arrangement of different furniture and when you really relax in the establishment, both physically and visually.

In our case, earnings are not paramount, we sincerely want to share with you our vision of how it can be. Style, fire in the eyes, acquaintance and communication with you and no vulgarity are important for us. That is why we are very thorough approach to trifles and details. As the founder of the network, old Anthony, bequeathed, "the devil is in the details." Starting from the entrance group and a 300-hour playlist, to unusual decor, lighting, innovative design and engineering solutions - this is how ZEN is created. You can't describe everything. It is better to see and feel than to read.

Hug at the right angle!