Hookahplace The Loft - style, comfort of stay and competent service of the world's largest Hookahplace chain.

Enjoy your time to the fullest - the place is perfect for every occasion. Work, hold business meetings and dates or gather with friends!

Huge panoramic windows flood the main hall with natural light during the day, adding a special warmth in the evening and at night. Free space gives a feeling of lightness and freedom, and the interior fully reflects the name of the facility and is made in the Loft style.

The specialty of the menu is more than 15 kinds of tea from ordinary herbal collections to Chinese premium and exclusive varieties.

There are two VIP-rooms, each of which is unique in its own way. Both are private and equipped with PS5 consoles with 4K TV. The maximum capacity of the rooms is 6 people. All are available for booking without deposit.

The third gaming area with PS5 is located in the main room and is also available for booking without deposit!

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