HookahPlace Polyanka is an oasis of splendor, where the atmosphere of the Great Gatsby comes to life in every detail, and the sounds of jazz music invite you to comfort and luxury.
Here, among the soft shades of vintage lamps and luxurious sofas, each guest is immersed in the atmosphere of the Jazz age. Art deco elements, mirrors in gold frames, and retro-style decor create the illusion of time travel. Hookahs in Hookah Place Polyanka are not just smoke, but carefully selected mixes combining exotic flavors and traditional tastes to satisfy the most refined connoisseurs of hookah. Our team welcomes every guest with warmth and attention. Experienced bartenders and professional hookah masters are ready to offer you not only exquisite hookahs, but also great cocktails that emphasize the splendor of the evening.
HookahPlace Polyanka is not just a hookah bar, it is an immersion into the atmosphere of splendor and style, where every moment is filled with elegance and music of eternity.