HookahPlace Mashuk is part of the largest hookah chain in the world in the capital of the North Caucasus, the resort city of Pyatigorsk.

A carefully selected hookah park that will take into account the tastes and preferences of our guests. In the south of Russia there is not a single hookah bar that has as many flavors of tobacco as ours. The team of hookah masters includes only real specialists who will initiate each guest into the hookah culture.

HookahPlace Mashuk is located in a unique location with panoramic views of the mountains of Pyatigorsk and the Caucasus Range. We took into account the geographical location, traditional culture, love and special attitude towards nature and mountainous areas. Guests will certainly feel the intimate atmosphere of the establishment.

HookahPlace Mashuk menu – taking the features of authentic Asian cuisine, we presented them in formats familiar to guests. Along with Pan-Asian cuisine, the menu includes European items prepared by the author. For us, the most important condition is the high quality of the products and the work of the chef, soft skills: curiosity, openness to new culinary ideas, willingness to change.

The bar menu offers a wide range of strong alcoholic drinks. The cocktail menu includes signature drinks, and any bartender can prepare a drink to suit the guest’s taste or from world classics.

Thanks to the spacious contact bar, you can feel our mood and find yourself in the very heart of the establishment, plunge into the process of preparing hookah and cocktails, communicate with the masters and watch their skills.

Separately, I would like to note the tea list of our establishment. It offers a variety of teas to suit any connoisseur's tastes, as well as alternative methods of brewing tea to achieve a perfectly balanced taste.

Here you can feel the special philosophy and culture of the Chinese tea ceremony Gong Fu Cha, and our professional masters will help you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility, enjoy the richness and subtleties of the best varieties of tea, and also tell you about the peculiarities of brewing techniques, tea stories and legends.

Also waiting for guests:

- VIP rooms for companies;
- gaming areas with PS5;
- live musical evenings, as well as DJ sets;
- loyalty for guests;
- 24/7 .