HookahPlace is a modern hookah lounge not only for relaxation, but also for work and business meetings.

Carefully selected hookah park and masters, who work in a team from the very opening, will immerse guests in hookah culture.

We have a large bar with traditional and author's cocktails, full menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner. And most importantly, why choose us is our friendly staff who are professionals in their field. In the team and communication with guests we adhere to one rule - WE are all one big family. That is why many guests have been coming to us for several years and know that they will always smile, listen and help to relax.

The project is divided into two parts, one of which is a game room. There you can isolate yourself from the main flow of guests, play PS5, board games or watch something on the big screens. The other part of HookahPlace is a lounge with Greek elements in the form of columns and sculptures. On weekdays there is background relaxing music, and on weekends DJs play electronic music and we throw parties!

Our project is the only hookah place in the city, which works 24/7 and delivers hookahs to any point within the city.

We invite you to relax and leave your mark in the history of HookahPlace.