HookahPlace Far East is a branch of the international network of hookah establishments. Our institution is changing the approach to hookah smoking, we bring new ideas to the urban hookah industry. At HookahPlace Khabarovsk, we have preserved the Far Eastern style, and also tried to emphasize all the features of the regional culture. Hookah workers are masters who make establishments of this type unique and unforgettable, they have learned all the secrets of making steam cocktails and have mastered this skill to perfection. We are very loyal to our guests and give them the opportunity to feel and enjoy the atmosphere of the institution, and affordable prices help us with this. We have seriously approached the issue of selecting a hookah park and tobacco assortment, so each element is completely unique. Our bartenders have completed the course of a young fighter in making tea and can rightly be considered masters in this business. Our establishment offers an extensive selection of high-quality Chinese tea, which can both invigorate and relax you, and allow you to have a good rest.

We are located in the heart of the city of Khabarovsk, so it is very easy to find us both for residents and guests of Khabarovsk. We try to make our hookah establishment a cozy place for communication and pleasant pastime.

The hookah bar offers free Wi-Fi, board games and PS4 game consoles with many video games.