Welcome to HookahPlace Dve Stolicy, where we've rewritten the rules on what hookah lounges outside the Moscow Ring Road can look like. We've combined the best qualities of our central brethren and retained a warm, small town atmosphere. Our modern design is perfect for work and relaxation, and becomes a great backdrop for photo shoots and creative shoots. We boast a modern selection of hookahs and over 400 flavours of tobacco, complemented by spirits and a variety of cuisine. We have DJs playing at weekends, creating a relaxing atmosphere and our themed parties are always high-profile events. By the way, we have free parking for your car, making your visit even more convenient. The HP Two Capitals team works hard for your comfort, creating a memorable experience for every visitor. And a 5.0 in reviews on Yandex is a testament to our professionalism and care for our guests. Come visit us and enjoy the best qualities of central hookah lounges in a more cosy environment.